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Condé Nast Traveller

As people with a constant feeling of wanderlust, Condé Nast Traveller has long been on our reading list - with stacks of copies at home, for reference and inspiration. So we couldn't be happier to find ourselves on their pages. The September issue: "There is a very cool brand you probably won't have heard of, GALLIVANT. Its Berlin perfume sums up one of my favourite European hotspots, with smoky, leathery notes to represent the gritty brutalist buildings, lightened up with citrus for the cool lakes outside town. Spraying it takes me back to lazy days spent dipping into the Strandbad Wannsee. And the globetrotting geek in me likes the dinky travel-size bottles."  
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These Are 23 of the Hottest Beauty Launches For May 2017

POPSUGAR is a global media company that powers the optimism and dreams of women around the world. POPSUGAR help women everywhere look good, feel good, do good — to live more fulfilling lives every day. "As you shop for Mother's Day gifts this month, make sure to pick up some beauty swag for yourself. May is bringing us tons of fantastic hair care, skin care, and makeup launches — from a sunscreen mousse to an edgy perfume (that comes in a skull-embossed case) and an ice-cream-inspired lip gloss. Keep reading to see which items POPSUGAR editors are loving and using right now."
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Whatever Your Mood, There’s a Scent to Perfectly Match It

FLARE is a Canadian fashion magazine. A real source for under-the-radar shopping picks, beauty tips, celebrity buzz, and hot takes on big topics that matter to millennial women. Thanks to Ingrid Williams for this piece about GALLIVANT. "They don’t call it aromatherapy for nothing." "Fragrance has the power to make your feel all the feelings, and with an array of bottles at your fingertips you get to choose which ones on any given day."
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How To Smell Like Your Dream Vacation In Your Boring, Everyday Life

Our Tel Aviv fragrance caught the attention of Refinery29, the number-one destination for people who crave style and substance, thought-provoking conversations, and the inspiration to live a more creative life. And a big thanks to Alix Tunell... "A Californian, a New Yorker, and a Polynesian walk onto a beach... The Californian tries to float peacefully in the Pacific, but gets caught in a rip tide and ends up a mile away from the family's umbrella."
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We Wear GALLIVANT... We Wear Perfume is a blog dedicated to fragrance storytelling. "Today I’m Wearing London, by Gallivant, because it’s my home town and I’m a proud Londoner. My London is a city of rich and poor, beautiful and ugly all rubbing along together. For London, I took the idea of the music of the Pet Shop Boys, specifically East End Boys, West End Girls."
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Forbes presents GALLIVANT

Because things come in threes, our third review is from the lifestyle section of Forbes, the famous American magazine. "Nick Steward, a veteran of the perfume industry for two decades and former Creative Director of L'Artisan Parfumeur, just launched Gallivant. In the world of niche fragrances where pomp and circumstance are prevalent..."
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