"the real feat of Amsterdam is taking an unassuming, dare one say innocent, flower and transforming into a hypnotically sensual scent. With its depth and hint of darkness, it is my kind of floral," Carla Seipp, Basenotes, independent online perfume guide

Amsterdam city Netherlands perfume discovery gallivant

Floral, spicy, woody — our fantasy flower shop, rich with black tulips

A warm and elegant fragrance, inspired by the Dutch idea of cosy conviviality: gezellig

Unique, original and intriguing  - just like Amsterdam.

The freedom of cycling past the former spice warehouses of the Warmoesstraat to a canalside apartment on Prinsengracht on the elegant south side of the city. Wind in your hair.

Amsterdam City netherlands travel discovery gallivant

Now we’re inside. It’s getting dark. It’s gezellig. That quintessential ingredient of good Amsterdam living — it’s cosy. Warm. Flowers in the window. Cake and feeling indulged. Beautifully made wooden furniture. Dark hues on the walls.

The perfume notes:

Perfumer: Giorgia Navarra

  • An original and intriguing composition - a floral, spicy, woody, ambery fragrance. Imagine a fantasy flower shop, packed with black tulips
  • A spicy aromatic head of elemi, schinus molle CO2 extract, Szechuan pepper and saffron
  • The floral heart contains tulip and rose
  • And a base of cedarwood, musks, sandalwood and amber

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    Amsterdam by GALLIVANT perfume

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