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News — Fragrances

Our backstory - 'the movie'

Our founder, Nick, talks about creating the brand and the collection with Sebastian of Smelling Great Fragrances Reviews...  
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These Are 23 of the Hottest Beauty Launches For May 2017

POPSUGAR is a global media company that powers the optimism and dreams of women around the world. POPSUGAR help women everywhere look good, feel good, do good — to live more fulfilling lives every day. "As you shop for Mother's Day gifts this month, make sure to pick up some beauty swag for yourself. May is bringing us tons of fantastic hair care, skin care, and makeup launches — from a sunscreen mousse to an edgy perfume (that comes in a skull-embossed case) and an ice-cream-inspired lip gloss. Keep reading to see which items POPSUGAR editors are loving and using right now."
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