Here are a few words on what ethical and sustainable mean to us:

GALLIVANT is a genuinely independent artisan business.
Being sustainable and ethical are central to how small artisan companies like ours do business - by the very nature of our size, we operate on a fundamentally human scale.
We do everything in small batches, so we don’t over-produce.

We know our customers, our retail partners and everyone in our supply chain - and they know us.

We care about the materials we use and are mindful about the impact we have on the environment and the world around us.

We are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

We favour natural materials but when it’s better for the environment we will use nature-substitute synthetics.

We're strictly regulated by European cosmetics and perfumery bodies. And we're fully compliant with the International Fragrance Association guidelines on use and usage levels of materials.

We’re a sustainable human-scale business - and our philosophy is one bottle at a time. 

We think less ’scalability’ and more ‘humility’ is called for.

We’ve chosen to go slower, and be more thoughtful.





If you've got any thoughts or questions, please drop us a line. Thank you, Nick