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Condé Nast Traveller

As people with a constant feeling of wanderlust, Condé Nast Traveller has long been on our reading list - with stacks of copies at home, for reference and inspiration. So we couldn't be happier to find ourselves on their pages. The September issue: "There is a very cool brand you probably won't have heard of, GALLIVANT. Its Berlin perfume sums up one of my favourite European hotspots, with smoky, leathery notes to represent the gritty brutalist buildings, lightened up with citrus for the cool lakes outside town. Spraying it takes me back to lazy days spent dipping into the Strandbad Wannsee. And the globetrotting geek in me likes the dinky travel-size bottles."  
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Our backstory - 'the movie'

Our founder, Nick, talks about creating the brand and the collection with Sebastian of Smelling Great Fragrances Reviews...  
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We Wear GALLIVANT... We Wear Perfume is a blog dedicated to fragrance storytelling. "Today I’m Wearing London, by Gallivant, because it’s my home town and I’m a proud Londoner. My London is a city of rich and poor, beautiful and ugly all rubbing along together. For London, I took the idea of the music of the Pet Shop Boys, specifically East End Boys, West End Girls."
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Forbes presents GALLIVANT

Because things come in threes, our third review is from the lifestyle section of Forbes, the famous American magazine. "Nick Steward, a veteran of the perfume industry for two decades and former Creative Director of L'Artisan Parfumeur, just launched Gallivant. In the world of niche fragrances where pomp and circumstance are prevalent..."
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Now Smell This

This review is from Now Smell This, a wonderful blog about perfumes. "Gallivant is a new London-based niche line founded by Nick Steward, and debuting with four “urban exploration” fragrances: Brooklyn, Istanbul, London and Tel Aviv…"
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The Wharf Review

Our second review is from The Wharf, a famous newspaper based in the heart of Canary Wharf, in London...  "Nick Steward worked in the perfume industry for 20 years in London and Paris. He has launched artisanal brand Gallivant to help preserve the languid art of fragrance creation..."
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ÇaFleureBon Review

Our debut review is from top niche and natural perfume blog ÇaFleureBon...  "Nick's collection of unisex eau de parfums brings a refreshing, honest approach to perfumery..."
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