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Condé Nast Traveller

As people with a constant feeling of wanderlust, Condé Nast Traveller has long been on our reading list - with stacks of copies at home, for reference and inspiration. So we couldn't be happier to find ourselves on their pages. The September issue: "There is a very cool brand you probably won't have heard of, GALLIVANT. Its Berlin perfume sums up one of my favourite European hotspots, with smoky, leathery notes to represent the gritty brutalist buildings, lightened up with citrus for the cool lakes outside town. Spraying it takes me back to lazy days spent dipping into the Strandbad Wannsee. And the globetrotting geek in me likes the dinky travel-size bottles."  
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Istanbul gallivanting ...

A real throwback Thursday ... glossy printed photos I took when wandering around Istanbul, on a cold grey day, pre-internet era .... Walking along the Bosphorus, exploring the obvious 'must-see' places on the European side, but also discovering lesser-known neighbourhoods on the Asian side.   Souvenirs ... .  
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How To Smell Like Your Dream Vacation In Your Boring, Everyday Life

Our Tel Aviv fragrance caught the attention of Refinery29, the number-one destination for people who crave style and substance, thought-provoking conversations, and the inspiration to live a more creative life. And a big thanks to Alix Tunell... "A Californian, a New Yorker, and a Polynesian walk onto a beach... The Californian tries to float peacefully in the Pacific, but gets caught in a rip tide and ends up a mile away from the family's umbrella."
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