“It makes me think of the Brooklyn of my childhood – strolling around the streets and Prospect Park” – Lynda, a customer in the US

“An unexpected and perfect scent”
– Daniel, a customer in UK

Brooklyn Building gallivant travel discovery


It's non-stop, go-go-go. The fizz of an urban playground.

Power-walking to a breakfast meeting over the Brooklyn Bridge.

A lazy May afternoon in the sun at Park Slope, warmth on the skin. Small flowers in the grass. Fresh air.

It’s life on the sidewalk, early summer breezes, the glow from the lighting in bars and diners, bright apartments with books. Cocktails with friends.

Brooklyn Houses travel discovery gallivant

The perfume notes:

  • bergamot, squeezed lemon and orange juice. incense, cardamom, fresh air and ozonic notes.
  • magnolia, orris root and transparent flowers
  • musks, white woods, benzoin, amber


Brooklyn by Gallivant perfume London England artisanBrooklyn by Gallivant artisan perfume England

Brooklyn Bridge gallivant travel discovery city

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