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What you say about us

As well as making beautiful perfumes, we pride ourselves on the human touch and good old-fashioned customer service. We love hearing what you think.

Here are a few comments, which put a smile on our faces here at GALLIVANT :

"It's truly wonderful how your fragrances can invoke memories which never even existed!"
- Dylan, UK


"Your perfumes are beautiful - everyone compliments the incredible fragrances."
Aoife, Ireland


"Thank you for your great customer service! Best wishes."
- Sharon, London, UK

“I have had your house on my radar for a while and want to try them all. I blind bought Tel Aviv and love it. Wearing it today! Beautiful. Thank you for creating it. I look forward to trying others of yours. Keep up the great work! From one traveller to another.” 
- Gina, US

 “Perfect, stunning fragrances.” 
- Denise, UK


“The Nomad Set was a good way to try out a range of new perfumes at a reasonable price and then make a choice. I like the idea of perfumes being inspired by cities, that are unisex, and that don't involve the typical cliched, sexist and boring branding and advertising generally used in the fragrance world.”
- Caroline, UK

“I discovered you by smelling your scent on a stranger. I walked up to her and asked what she was wearing! Istanbul is the scent I have been looking for!”
- Hemsa, Canada


“Tel Aviv by Gallivant is probably the most effortless fragrance I currently own. You can’t really go wrong with this one.”
- Daniel, Sweden


“You are a delight. I have to confess to being a bit addicted to Istanbul, and not entirely sure how long this bottle will last. I would call it a guilty pleasure, but I feel no guilt. Truly a joy.” 
-  Adriana, Italy

“It was the highlight of my day! Thank you! Such lovely fragrances and an even lovelier person. I wish you so much success with your fragrances.”
- Chris, US


“Gallivant reminds me of Hermès  - no pushing luxury / aspiration – just a beautiful, well-made, thoughtful product”
- Lucile, UK