Sunset people, neon signs, sultry glamour.
A hot and sensual woody floral, cooled with a marine breeze.

The 2020 winner of Best Niche Fragrance at the Pure Beauty Global Awards.

"A wonderful example of olfactory storytelling ... cements founder Nick Steward's standing as an independent force whose output should be on all our radars," says award-winning perfume writer and critic, Persolaise

Says creator Nick Steward: “With this fragrance I wanted to evoke a sultry, shimmering Hollywood. Homes hanging on to the dry earth hillsides, eucalyptus and clary sage, a breeze from the Pacific Ocean.

I wanted to conjure up the whoosh of cars. Hot tarmac under the Californian sun, the rubber of limousine wheels cruising along Sunset Blvd. Red tail lights. Fruit smoothies and post-gym selfies. Tiki bars and pineapple cocktails. Neon lights. Pink sunsets. Dry ice and disco lights.”

The perfume notes:

Perfumer: Karine Chevallier

This is a neon floral fragrance. Sultry, smoky, woody and cooled by a marine breeze

  • Airy and aromatic in the opening with notes of eucalyptus, clary sage, mandarin and pineapple
  • A floral heart with an absolute of narcissus and tuberose – a nod to the Mexican flavour of this city
  • And a shimmering smoky woody base with cade, guaiac wood, nagarmotha / cypriol, musks and heliotrope