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Tel Aviv

“It’s like walking through Neve Tsedek” - Raphael

Sun. White, yellow, bright. Gold jewellery on tanned skin. A lingering 1970s glamour. It’s sexy, it’s a party. It’s life in the bubble.

It’s walking along the beach, naked skin, feeling relaxed, languorous, but it’s the big city, there’s noise, people and a sense of intensity and madness.

It’s stopping at the juice stall on Dizengoff. It’s Bauhaus. It’s heat, sweat, cigarette smoke, flowers on the balconies overhead.


  • clementine, bergamot, blackcurrant bud
  • jasmine sambac absolute, comoros’ ylang ylang, rose oil, freesia
  • sandalwood, musks, deer’s tongue (liatrix) absolute, benzoin


Tel Aviv 30ml PrimaryTel Aviv 30ml Outer

“It feels like home!” - Souad


Tel Aviv Art DecoTel Aviv BuildingTel Aviv Icon