"How does it smell?"

"The one thing that really stuck out to me in Nick Steward’s description of the scent was the electric cables and in Tokyo, they are ever present, intertwining and looping in a mess overhead, adding a grid-like pattern to the skyline over boulevards, streets and alleyways. With that in mind, Tokyo the scent opens with an energetic electric accord that is tart and sharp. The bitter, green facets of yuzu and the sourness of wasabi create a zesty, bracing air that evokes the image of lime green neon tubes burning brightly. " says The Candy Perfume Boy


Our award-winning Tokyo perfume is zingy, spicy, woody – a playful tribute to kōdō – the Japanese Way of Fragrance

Says creator Nick Steward: “What I am trying to evoke with this fragrance is that special feeling of early morning Tokyo. The air is humid and misty. Wandering the back streets, electric cables overhead, everything is tranquil and surprisingly quiet – like being in a village with small wooden houses.

Tokyo street Japan discovery travel gallivant

I also wanted to capture the tastes of izakaya eateries, fruits, spices, wasabi – sour and sweet – a zing on your tongue.

The earthy dampness of potted plants outside shrines and wooden temples. It’s refined, spiritual - sandalwood and smoky incense. A calm elegance amid the big city neon energy."

tokyo Japan travel discovery gallivant

The perfume notes:

Perfumer: Nicolas Bonneville

A zingy, spicy, woody fragrance
  • A citrusy, spicy head of yuzu, bergamot, black pepper and cardamom, electrified with a dash of wasabi
  • A woody heart of hinoki, cedarwood, orris root, nutmeg, rose and incense
  • A base of amber, sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver