Travel-inspired unisex fragrances

A warm welcome to Gallivant...

An independent perfume-maker with a collection of travel-inspired playful, thoughtful, unisex fragrances.

Perfumed escapism. Made in England.

Nick Stewart - founder

I wanted to create an escapism via perfume...

"I wanted to do something clever, playful and interesting, avoiding all the froth and hype ...  deceptively simple. Slow perfumery - focused on beautiful perfumes, honest materials. I'm a big believer that quality always wins in the end. It's about provenance and craft, taking the time to do things properly. A certain simplicity and elegance.

Take a look through our cities and explore our unisex scents.

Not sure where to start? I recommend the Nomad Discovery Set. It includes FREE SHIPPING + £30 VOUCHER and is a great way to experience our full range of scents."

"I'm obsessed with ... Gallivant's creations, all of which are amazingly sure-footed: they smell only of themselves.They smell really, really good.

India Knight - The Sunday Times