"Does Berlin smell of Berlin? Wearing today while living in Berlin, I can say, yes!"  

 Olaf, EauxLove, Germany

Berlin city Germany travel discovery gallivant perfume

Woody, citrus, spicy — a contrast of light and dark

This evokes the concrete and steel of Berlin — and the forest and lakes around the city.

Carefree summers, the freshness of the water, swimming at the Strandbad Wannsee. And gritty urban living, it’s leather, smoke, spices, cups of black tea, being inside and underground. Decadent, poor but sexy. It’s a city of brutalist apartment blocks, concrete, elegant parquet floors, modern bohemians.

Berlin city Germany travel discovery gallivant perfume

The perfume notes:

Perfumer: Karine Chevallier

Light and dark. A citrus, spicy, woody play of notes

  • Fresh and zingy top notes of grapefruit, clementine, lemon and schinus molle CO2 extract
  • A spicy heart containing black pepper and black tea and woody undertones of Haitian vetiver, cedarwood and patchouli


Berlin by Gallivant
Fortnum & Mason Exclusive

Ta'if parfum

Ta'if by GALLIVANT, a new parfum created exclusively for Fortnum & Mason

This parfum is available exclusively at Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly. You can't order this on our web shop. Thank you

the story

Inspired by the beauty of
Ta'if - the fabled City of Roses in Saudi Arabia. 

Cool crisp air, sand-coloured buildings, the raw splendour of the wadis and mountains of the Hijaz.

A place where nature, history and culture join together in this gem of the Saudi Kingdom.

Founder,Nick Steward says:

“Having studied Arabic myself and with an explorer’s spirit
and curiosity, I was intrigued by the etymology, the origin of this particular city’s name: Taʾif (in Arabic: اَلطَّائِفُ), coming from the root ط و ف, which translates as ‘wanderer’ or ‘roamer’.

That felt very apt for us here at GALLIVANT."

Nick continues,

“With this journey to Ta’if, I wanted to celebrate the beauty of the location, this highland haven, and the incredibly rich history of the region – not least its storied rose.”

“And in a nod to Fortnum & Mason’s mix of tradition and modernity, we wanted to marry these iconic roses, this floral perfume heritage from the region, with a contemporary twist of clean, sparkling modern musks ...”

the parfum

The scent consists of a spicy opening with saffron and pink pepper, which are married with a delicious date and honey accord.

Heart notes celebrate the iconic Ta’if rose, with cypriol and olibanum while the rich, opulent base is constructed around amber, gurjum, patchouli, and musks.

The maker

For the creation of the Ta’if parfum, founder Nick Steward worked with perfumer Angéline Leporini – who started her career with famous Master Perfumer Michel Almairac, after studying at the ISIPCA perfumery school in France.

After a holiday to the Middle East aged 17 years old, Angéline decided to enter the world of perfumery.

“I first visited a factory that distilled essential oils from roses, a raw material I fell in love with. So that memory has always been there, expressed throughout my perfumery creations.”