Our founder, Nick, talks about the inspirations behind GALLIVANT's award-winning Los Angeles. "Best Niche Fragrance" at the Pure Beauty Global Awards.


Los Angeles by GALLIVANT - our latest Eau de Parfum, capturing those Cali vibes ... #LABottled



The first video in the series is all about where we've come from and how we got started ... and our ethos as an indie perfume maker.



In this second video in our series, we talk about how we set out to make high-quality perfumes (but with a certain understated luxe), our travel inspirations and trying to avoid the clichés ... 



Video number 3 is all about our collection and their back stories.
The sights, sounds and smells of places we know and love - translated into fragrances. Let's make perfume about pleasure again! 



A fuller interview with Nick, our founder, on creating his own brand, the world of fragrance and making playful and pleasurable perfumes ... A big thanks to the team at Secret Location, Vancouver, for making this with us ...